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Our publisher Jerry Nordskog has long and passionately worked to abolish the evil scourge of the legalized murder known as abortion. That civil representatives would make tax-paid entitlements for such murder, even against the conscience of a great number of Americans, multiplies that evil. Arguing merely from biology, if genetics have any influence on personality, then an embryonic baby must be a person. If the murder of a person is a high moral crime, then abortion is murder and a high moral crime. No doubt—no argument—despite the maniacal cries of the leftist mob or the cold, sophomoric logic of certain members of the judiciary and elective representatives. Then, the Scriptures teach that even the accidental hurting of a child in the womb during a fight between men is subject to criminal punishment (Ex. 21:22-25). Surely then, the willful taking of life in abortion is murder. Crimes against the innocent and helpless are of the worst kind and represent the most hardened conscience. Of course, God can reach the most hardened heart, and forgive those guilty and convert them to Christ, which He is willing to do. May it be so for all hardened hearts. But it remains to God's people to stand for the helpless, just as Christ Himself does (Ex. 22:22-24; Is. 58:7-10; Luke 4:18).

In this Bell Ringer—Election Special Edition! of the Nordskog Publishing newsletter we focus on the life of the unborn. Please read the following plea by Randall Terry, and consider your vote on Tuesday accordingly. —ed.

Personhood Amendments: A Righteous Battle for Life

Randall Terryby Randall Terry (Founder, Society for Truth and Justice, and Operation Rescue)

In the middle of Missy Smith's heroic effort to run TV ads in DC showing aborted babies (see ads at and help her if you can!) another battle is raging. It concerns theĀ personhood amendment efforts in several states.

The goal of these initiatives is to declare at the state level, that a "person" is present at conception. Such a person is a legal being, whose rights shall be protected by law, as well as any other person.
Conceptually, this could pave the way for laws protecting "persons" from assault or murder to apply also to "persons" who yet reside in their mothers' womb.

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"Nothing is more essential to the establishment of manners in a State than that all persons employed in places of power and trust be men of unexceptionable characters. The public cannot be too curious concerning the character of public men."

Samuel Adams

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