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Proclamation for a Day for National Prayer and Humiliation

By President Abraham Lincoln

A Proclamation.
Whereas, the Senate of the United States, devoutly recognizing the Supreme Authority and just Government of Almighty God, in all the affairs of men and of nations, has, by a resolution, requested the President to designate and set apart a day for National prayer and humiliation.

And whereas it is the duty of nations as well as of men, to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions, in humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon; and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.

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Introducing the New Series:

Noble Novels
As our ongoing series of “meaty, tasty, and easily digestible theological offerings” continues with excellence, we have pride and joy in now presenting, under the imprint Noble Novels, fiction books that are exciting, thrilling, enjoyable, and fun, and which ring out the admonition of the Apostle Paul, in his epistle, to think on those things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous and praiseworthy. . . . “And if you do, the God of peace shall be with you” (Philippians 4:8-9).

West Oversea by Lars Walkeris an ideal book to begin our new series. Lars Walker’s fiction story is based upon true, historical facts at the turn of the second millennium. Many of the novel’s characters are based upon real Vikings, men who were courageous and indeed noble. This story is about my paternal ancestors, the Vikings, during the time of much of Norway’s conversion to Christianity, and it is ideal for our initial fiction offering.
- Jerry Nordskog

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Gary DemarRosalie J. Slater

Home as a Nursery

By Rev. S. Phillips, Chambersburg, PA, 1859
From Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History
Rosalie J. Slater, Ed.
Foundation for American Christian Education: The Principle Approach*

1 Thessalonians 2:7
Isaiah 5:17

To nurse means . . . to protect, to foster, to supply with appropriate food, to cause to grow or promote strength, to manage with a view to increase ... In horticulture, a shrub or tree is the nurse or protector of a young and tender plant. We are said to nurse our national resources…

In the same sense and for the same reason, the Christian home is the nursery of the young ... The nursery is that department of home in which the mother fulfills her peculiar mission. This is her special sphere. None can effectually take her place there. She is the center of attraction, the guardian of the infants' destiny; and one like she, can overrule the unfolding life and character of the child. God has fitted her for the work of the nursery. Here she reigns supreme, the arbitress of the everlasting weal or woe of untutored infancy. On her the fairest hopes of educated man depend, and in the exercise of her powers there, she sways a nation's destiny...The nursery is that department of home in which the formation of our character is begun…

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Affirmations and Denials
(Topic No. 22)
Copyright 2006, International Church Council Project
  1. The Bible is truth
    We affirm that the Bible—being God’s inspired, inerrant, written Word—is truth in its entirety, and as such, is the ultimate standard by which all other truth-claims are to be judgeda, and thus offers mankind the clearest, most complete picture of all reality and the only logically coherent worldview.

    We deny that there is any source of truth higher than, or equal to, the Bible or that the Bible’s truth may be judged by any other standard.

    Jn 17:17; Ps 1:1; 111:7; 119:89, 128, 151, 160; Mt 24:35; Nu 23:19; 2 Tim 3:16–17; 2 Pt 1:3; 1 Cor 3:19

  2. Science, medicine, and law are part of a worldview
    We affirm that no one is religiously, metaphysically, epistemologically, or ethically neutral—having no presuppositions, no view of truth, no view of right and wrong, and no worldview by which to see reality and filter all data. All humans live and work on the basis of either the Christian worldview or some non-Christian, anti-biblial worldview.

    We further affirm that modern history declares that scientists, medical researchers, and medical practitioners (including psychiatrists and psychologists) who are not submitted to the absolutes of the Christian worldview have often become very dangerous weapons in the hands of a
    totalitarian state.

    We deny that non-biblical worldviews can provide an adequate basis for the sanctity of human life.a

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Washington's Prayers & Washington's Last Will and TestamentWashington's Prayers & Washington's Last Will and Testament
by W. Herbert Burk
The Winter at Valley Forge. The War of Independence. The First Presidency of the newly-formed United States. The man who participated in all of these—so revered by students of history and by Americans everywhere—was George Washington. Here in Washington's Prayers, Washington shows us the secret of his greatness—his dedication to and dependence upon God.

List Price: $13.00  Paperback, 121 Pages
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Last Days Madness: Obsession of the Modern ChurchSounding Forth the Trumpet
by Peter Marshall
Covering the period from 1837 to 1860, the book paints ominous parallels between slavery then and abortion now. America's last chance to avoid war -- the great prayer revival of 1857-58 -- is followed by John Brown's polarizing raid on Harper's Ferry, and the election of Abraham Lincoln, over which seven states have vowed to leave the Union.

Paperback, 560 pages
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