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Paul Myrant


by Paul Myrant

I want to tell you a Christmas Story – a short, yet long kind of story; a story from long ago.
Now it’s not the story you’re thinking of, that happened so long ago.
No, this story took place a long, long, longgg time ago!

The twentieth century was full of great things:
We walked on the moon and watched from afar, we flew here and there and drove in a car.
We spoke through a wire and floated in space; but this story happened in a much different place.

There are great events in the ages of time; we were enlightened and reformed.
We painted and wrote of Crusades and Dark Ages and of the Romans’ great fall.
But the greatest event surpassed them all, a birth in a hidden cold manger.

Long before Daniel slept with the lions and Nebuchadnezzar ate grass.
Before David was king and Samuel conceived, and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were small.
Before men built a tower and Noah a great zoo, before Cain took from Abel the life he was due.
Before Eve gave to Adam the fruit of the tree – This story began in the heart of these three.

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Annette Adams

That "Miracle Message"

by Annette Adams

Yes, it's time for that "Miracle Message" again:
"God really came down to this earth!"
'Didn't come like a king, rather did everything
To humble Himself in His birth.

God's love con-descended, estrangement was ended,
We all could become reconciled.
Though we were sin-blighted, His death re-united
Us to this great God-in-Christ-Child.

From manger to man covered such a short span,
But His presence we never shall lack.
For His promise: "I won't ever leave you"
Remains till the time He comes back.

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Truth Standing On Its Head

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Insight for an Extraordinary Christian Walk from
The Sermon on the Mount

by John N. Day
“John Day’s book, Truth Standing on Its Head, is a very provocative study of Our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount. The exposition of the Beatitudes and the exhortation based on them is very arresting: it grabs us and demands our attention. The rest of the book continues with the same energy and thrust. The break with previous tradition, and with our own comfortable presuppositions, is rather merciless, but the uncompromising exposition of the new ethic ultimately drives us to the Cross, where our own failings can be exchanged for the righteousness of Christ.”

    Hardback, 192 pages
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Fear of God

by Dr. Arnold L. Frank

In "The Fear of God", Frank sets out to revitalize a doctrine that in times past – from the Biblical era to the founding of America – has empowered and emboldened Christians to lead lives that distinguished them among their peers as godly, meaningful and productive.

   Paperback, 228 Pages
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Led By the Carpenter

LED BY THE CARPENTER: Finding God's Purpose For Your Life
by Dr. D. James Kennedy

As Christians, we know that we are to "walk the walk" that Christ walked, making everyday decisions as God would have us do. Yet few Christians take the time to explore God's will in all aspects of their lives and set goals that reflect a biblical approach in everything they do and say.

Dr. Kennedy uses biblical principles forged in his own life and in the life of the Church to highlight practical ways for believers to go deeper in their spiritual walk and set long-term goals based on God's will. Learn to partner with Christ and set goals that will affect the way you interact with family, friends, classmates, church, community and colleagues.

   Hardback, 232 Pages
   List Price $18.99
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