To: [email protected] County Star

From: Gerald Christian Nordskog

Re: Time to finally put the birther dispute to rest (June 2, 2012)
Agreed: Time for President’s Eligibility Issue to Get Fair Hearing

This short-sighted editorial unjustly dismisses evidence. Why not full disclosure? Is this outcome based journalism? The term “antics” applies not to those seeking TRUTH, but to those opposing an open hearing.  Why should we call the case closed when numerous established facts question the president’s integrity?
BHO has now posted at least three different birth certificates on-line since 2008, all different!  Logic suggests that at least two are forgeries—just cause for suspicion.

Obviously, Obama hides something. Why has the president spending reportedly $2 million to fight full disclosure in open hearing? Many experts have demonstrated all birth certificates are fakes.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Posse offer irrefutable evidence of manipulation—kerned letters, mixed fonts, edited pixels.  Question of fraud arises in numerous digital anomalies and artifacts in the latest version. The president’s Social Security number and issue location remain in question. Is it, too, fraudulent? 
Witnesses, including the president’s Kenyan grandmother, have affirmed he was not born in the USA.  Several books document the president’s multiplied deceit, untruth, and, apparently, fraud.  So much remains hidden that for the Star to dismiss this issue is high-handed, questionable, and disconcerting. 
Does Law rule still in America or a mob?  Do we abide by our U.S. Constitution?  Obviously, BHO obviously cannot prove qualification to the presidency, nor eligibility to run again for another term.  If we cannot trust him on this, can we  for anything?
Yes, time has come to settle this important Constitutional issue.  We do not need nor should we tolerate a deceitful, fake-American as our nation’s executive leader—nor an incompetent socialist leftist. It is way past time–by at least four years—that the media such as the Star fight for truth and justice, the very purpose of the First Amendment! Let’s restore the rule of law and “let us stipulate” the pursuit of truth at all costs.

Jerry Nordskog
Ventura, CA 


  1. Karl June 8, 2012 at 1:21 am #

    Well said.

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