Christ’s Incarnation and Divinity

Guest essay by Stephen McDowell

Christ’s incarnation is the most amazing event in history. God came into the world as a man, Jesus Christ, to redeem mankind and restore all things. The Bible – God’s Word – tells us about the God who made the universe and everything in it, including our planet earth, and then visited it to provide a way for man to get to heaven, to be a part of His family, and to show man how he may share in God’s kingdom and assist in bringing it to earth.

One point of evidence of Christ’s divinity, as well as the divine origin of the Bible, is fulfilled prophecy. In Luke 24:24-27, Jesus claimed Himself to be the subject of prophecy all through the Old Testament. He said Scripture must be fulfilled (Matt. 13:14; Luke 21:22, John 13:18). He claimed His own words were inspired (Mark 13:31, John 6:63). In John 10:35, He said Scripture cannot be broken. His own claims to Divine origin and the claims of the Bible stand or fall together. If He cannot be proved a liar or a lunatic, the Bible is God’s Word.

The Old Testament contains over 300 references to the Messiah that were fulfilled in Jesus and recorded in the New Testament. Some of these include:

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Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus Christ
Jesus claimed to be the object of fulfilled prophecy (Luke 24:27; Luke 24:44; John 5:39-40, 46-47; Luke 4:20-21; Luke 22:37). The Old Testament (O.T.) contains over 300 references to the Messiah that were fulfilled in Jesus and recorded in the New Testament (N.T.). Some of these include:

Prophecy                                                            Prophecy in O.T.         Fulfilled in N.T.

Born of a virgin                                                Isaiah 7:14                   Matt. 1:18, 24, 25

Born at Bethlehem                                         Micah 5:2                    Matt. 2:1

Presented with gifts                                       Psalms 72:10              Matt. 2:1, 11

Ministry to begin in Galilee                         Isaiah 9:1                    Matt. 4:12, 13, 17

Ministry of miracles                                       Is. 35:5, 6a                 Matt. 9:35

Teacher of parables                                        Ps. 78:2                      Matt. 13:34

He was to enter Jerusalem on a donkey          Zech. 9:9         Luke 19:35-37

Betrayed by a friend                                       Ps. 42:9                       Matt. 10:4

Sold for 30 pieces of silver                           Zech. 11:12                 Matt. 26:15

Money to be thrown in God’s house         Zech. 11:13                 Matt. 27:5

Forsaken by His disciples                              Zech. 13:7                  Mark 14:50

Accused by false witnesses                          Ps. 35:11                     Matt. 26:59-60

Dumb before accusers                                    Is. 53:7                       Matt. 27:12

Wounded and bruised                                     Is. 53:5                        Matt. 27:26

Smitten and spit upon                                     Is. 50:6                        Matt. 26:67

Mocked                                                                  Ps. 22:7-8                    Matt. 27:31

Hands and feet pierced                                  Ps. 22:16                      Luke 23:33

Crucified with thieves                                    Is. 53:12                       Matt. 27:38

Made intercession for His persecutors  Is. 53:12                       Luke 23:34

Rejected by His own people                         Is. 53:3                        John 7:5, 48

Hated without a cause                                    Ps. 69:4                       John 15:25

People shook their heads                              Ps. 109:25                   Matt. 27:39

Stared upon                                                         Ps. 22:17                     Luke 23:35

Garments parted and lots cast                    Ps. 22:18                     John 19:23-24

To suffer thirst                                                    Ps. 69:21                     John 19:28

Gall and vinegar offered him                       Ps. 69:21                     Matt. 27:34

His forsaken cry                                                 Ps. 22:1                       Matt. 27:46

Committed Himself to God                            Ps. 31:5                       Luke 23:46

Bones not broken                                              Ps. 34:20                     John 19:33

Heart broken                                                      Ps. 22:14                     John 19:34

His side pierced                                                Zech. 12:10                 John 19:34

Darkness over the land                                 Amos 8:9                     Matt. 27:45

Buried in rich man’s tomb                           Is. 53:9                        Matt. 27:57-60

His resurrection                                               Ps. 16:10                     Acts 2:31

His ascension                                                     Ps. 68:18                     Acts 1:9

These did not happen by chance!

See the original article from which this excerpt was taken at the Providence Foundation website and in the Providential Perspective e-newsletter.


Stephen McDowell is co-founder and President of the Providence Foundation, a nonprofit Christian educational organization whose mission is to spread liberty, justice, and prosperity among the nations by educating individuals in a Biblical worldview


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