The Big News of Columbus Day 2016

Paul WarrenGuest essay by Paul Warren

Islamic Jihad, America and the 2016 Presidential Election

Americans need to be aware of the Big News of Columbus Day 2016—the Hidden Meaning of 9/11. Are you aware that Islamic Jihad bookends American history? Are you aware of the reason that Columbus successfully attained his quest for the financing of his westward voyage in 1492—Islamic Jihad? Yes, Jihad provoked the discovery of America in 1492. Islam resurrected that Jihad in 2001, where it is now embedded in the shadows of America. Islam has unmistakably declared war on the modern world’s center of Christianity, but America’s ruling elite continues to pretend it hasn’t.

Like most Americans, you may be unaware that Islamic Jihad ironically triggered Columbus’ discovery of America. From a Big Picture Historical Perspective, Islamic Jihad became the irritation that providentially and evolutionarily produced the pearl of history—History’s Great Nation—as the middle of the last millennium approached. By 1453, Islamic Jihad was at the height of its power. It had devoured most of East Christendom and its goal was to ingest the West and the Rest of Christendom. But in God’s providential superintendence of history, Islamic Jihad became an instrument in God’s hand for the production of History’s Greatest Christian Nation and History’s Superpower.

How come today Americans don’t know the giant menace marching before their eyes is a bigger and more credible threat than the nuclear strike threat that terrified Americans in the 1950s? Why don’t they know the “Religion of Peace” has waged the longest war in history (1300 years) and swallowed up the eastern half of Christendom?

How Come America Doesn’t Know the Symbolic Meaning of 9/11?

2001 is the 200th anniversary of the appearance of America’s first enemy after the Revolution—Islamic Jihad. In 1801, the Islamic Caliphate’s western agent, Tripoli, declared war on America, by destroying the American flag at the American embassy in Tripoli.

Eight centuries before, the first Islamic World War was signaled (in 1009) with the destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem—built over the tomb from which Christ resurrected. This announced, symbolically, the start of the Islamic World War that spanned most of the last millennium. Do you know the day it ended in Europe—September 11, 1683?

How come Americans are unaware that just as surely as Japan declared war against America in December 1941, Islam declared war on America on September 11, 2001? This was Islam’s second war declaration on America—on the 200th anniversary of the first one.

Let’s Do the Symbolic Math

This makes September 11, 2001 the anniversary of two very important Jihad dates. September 11th is the very day the first major Islamic war ended. And 2001 is the 200th anniversary of Islam’s first declaration of war against America.” By staging the attack on New York on the 308th anniversary of the end of Islamic Jihad in Europe and on the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the 1801 Jihad (that it lost) against America, Islam is making a giant, obvious symbolic statement. Can you see it? America is unquestionably under siege and the Democrat Party has been importing enemy warriors for years. In many cases taxpayer funded welfare payments are supporting these people.

Obviously, the brilliant planning and exquisite engineering for 9/11 was in the works for many years before 9/11/2001—on the eight-year clock of the Clinton administration that led up to 2001. How could this have been hidden for so long from America’s brilliant “intelligence” community? Is it just another random chance accident that President Clinton forfeited the opportunity to take out Osama Bin Laden, the designer of 9/11? Does this tell us something about Clinton’s wife who is running for president—the Secretary of State who enabled and empowered the Benghazi attack?

Is it just another in a train of coincidences that the Benghazi attack on the Libyan American Embassy occurred on the 11th anniversary of 9/11? It happened across the bay from where the 1801 Muslim Jihad against America began at the American Embassy and ended in 1805. Was this attack another reminder that Jihadists are picking up the Jihad they started in 1801 but lost in 1805?

9/11 is a Giant Example of the History-Repeats-Itself Phenomenon

Islam announced to a blind, deaf and dumb America on 9/11 that it is resurrecting its 1009—1683 World War. We study history because it repeats itself and holds valuable lessons for the future. 9/11 is one of the biggest examples of the history-repeats-itself phenomenon. The first Mega-Islamic Jihad began in the ninth year of the second millennium from Christ. 9/11 signaled the revival of Mega-Jihad on the first year of the third millennium from Christ. 9/11 was, as Yogi Berra used to say, Déjà-Vu all over again.

And, gee, speaking of historical coincidence—the son of a Muslim took the president’s seat in America precisely on the 1000th anniversary of the 1009 Muslim declaration of war on Christendom in 2009.

Is this why the Progressive Left has hidden real history from Americans for a century? Is the historical illiteracy the Democrats have engineered a war strategy? If Americans are unaware of what happened in the past—e.g. like what you may have just learned here so far—they will be blind to the great threat evolving before them for the last fifteen years.

So, for all those sages who loudly declare that America will win this Islamic Jihad very shortly, when Donald Trump becomes president—history disagrees. The last Islamic World War went nearly seven centuries and ingested the Middle East and parts of Europe (e.g., Spain and Greece). If half of Americans vote for Hillary Clinton, wouldn’t they be empowering Jihad and guaranteeing the collapse of History’s Great Nation?

This is something to think about on Columbus Day 2016 as America prepares to vote for its next president—Mega-Jihad has risen from the dead and is now in the land Columbus discovered. Ignorance is bliss. Blissful America is under attack by one of the most zealous, devious and effective enemies it has ever faced. Islamic Jihad makes Hitler look like an amateur.

On Columbus Day 2016, Let’s Go Back to 1492

The Muslim Holy War spanned most of the millennium that ended in 2000 and engulfed most of the eastern half of Roman Christendom. In 1492, Spain was finally able to evict its Muslim captors that had dominated it for centuries. That big providential occurrence gave Columbus the financing he had sought for years. So elated by the defeat and eviction of Muslims, Spain agreed to finance Columbus’ plan to sail westward to access valuable eastern markets that had been closed by the iron (sword) curtain Islam had erected across the Middle East.

To put a finer point on this— the Muslim Holy War to destroy Christ’s Church provoked Columbus “discovery” of the Americas. How oddly ironic that today, the Jihadist sword is hiding in the shadows of America, having declared Jihad on America for the second time on the 200th anniversary of its first war declaration against America. It bears repeating—Islam was the first foreign enemy to declare war against the United States, in 1801. This very significant historical fact is now cloaked in the obscure term, “the Barbary War.” How come Americans don’t know that Islamic Jihad bookends American history and that Islam, from 1801 on has always viewed America its enemy. In WW II, Islam fought on the side of Hitler.

The Democrat controlled Media has brazenly denied that Americans elected a Muslim president seven years after 9/11. But what Americans deny, Muslims know is true. Just as when a Jew has a son, the boy is a Jew, when a Muslim (President Obama’s father) has a son, he is considered a Muslim until he denies it. Obama’s book, Dreams of My Father underscores the fact that he is not just the son of a Muslim, which in the Middle East means he is a Muslim, but that Obama is also in solidarity with his father’s beliefs. Let’s not forget that the pastor of the “Christian church” he attended was an anti-American former Muslim.

Of course, what makes Columbus Day 2016 somewhere between bizarre and insane is the Democrat Party crusade to flood America with the historic enemies of America and Christianity. The ruling class warns that in resisting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s plan to bring the Religion of Peace’s peaceful enemies into the nation they hate, Americans are expressing bigoted, uncompassionate, and hateful thought. The Democrats don’t want Americans to know the historical fact that the Peace Religion has waged the longest war in history (1300 years)—against Christianity.

What does it say about the state of the nation that half the electorate has bought the Democrat myth of the “peaceful Muslims?” Are they unaware their November votes for the Muslim-friendly candidate that will bring those peaceful people (most of whom don’t like, or have anything in common with America) into the nation, which may set the stage for a Jihadist Apocalypse in America?

America is about to elect a president. One of the candidates recognizes the obvious threat Muslims pose to America. The other one—who has a years-long record of loving and empowering Muslims—plans to empower Jihad and may bring the destruction of America.

The First Jihadist World War Ended the Year Philadelphia was Founded

For those few Americans who know the reality of American history and God’s obvious providential fingerprints, there is something very significant about the year the first major Islamic Jihad ended. 1683 was the year William Penn established Philadelphia, the place where a century later America would be founded, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution written and the Liberty Bell rung. Islam represents bondage. Islam today holds more slaves than America did at its slave peak. In addition, Islam holds its faithful in a cultural and theological bondage, where monstrous mass murder—including decapitation—is a righteous religious doctrine, women are second class citizens cloaked in burkas and fathers are taught to kill children who abandon the faith.

1683 was the end of the first Mega-Islamic Jihad, in the decisive battle of Vienna. It was also, in God’s providence the beginning of the place where the freest nation in history would arise. Obviously, the God who supernaturally founded America and turned it into History’s Great Nation can save America. But why would He? A critical mass of Americans are now atheists. Most Americans claim to be Christians. But they no longer read the Bible and have become so lukewarm that many of them will vote for Hillary. So, we must wonder why God would save a nation that has so rotted so as to be as useless to Him as Israel was when He gave it over to Babylonian exile.

The 2016 election will give us a picture of the state of America—the state of the sanity, cultural health and authentic Christian faith in History’s Great Christian Nation.

On the Other Hand—What an Opportunity!

Hidden in the multitude of Muslim immigrants in America is an enormous opportunity for American Christianity. The most difficult Christian missionary region in history has been the Middle East. American Christian missions have been trying to evangelize this region for 200 years. But today, Christians don’t have to risk life and limb by traveling to the dangerous Middle East. Millions of Muslims are here. And many are secretly horrified by the monstrous acts of their religion.

Muslims are coming into the light of Christ all over the world. Sadly, the Laodicean state of 21st century Christianity has pathetically little outreach to Muslims. So, while the giant congregation of Muslims in America represents a muffled threat it also holds out providential opportunity for Christ’s Nation. The silence of Muslims in the face of monstrous Jihad is matched almost equally by the troubling apathetic silence of the American church in addressing the amazing opportunity.

And hidden in this big opportunity is a reason for God to save America from destruction. Were the American church to awaken and begin trying to reach Muslims for Christ, it would show America’s Creator it is still useful to Him and give a reason for Him to not destroy America like He did to apostate Israel in 70 AD.


August 3, 1492—Christopher Columbus begins his historic voyage

September 11, 1683—in the decisive Battle of Vienna, Polish King Jan Sobieski defeats Sultan Mehmed IV

September 11, 2001—the Islamic airliner bombing of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a failed attempt on D.C.

November 8, 2016—the critical election


This essay is an exclusive to the Nordskog Publisher’s Corner and The Bell Ringer.

Paul Warren is a descendent of a Revolutionary war soldier and of people, on both sides of his family, who heard the Declaration of Independence read in Pennsylvania. Paul is a veteran Boston journalist.

© 2016 by Paul Warren

Used by Permission

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