by Annette Adams
America, this place most blessed
Is finally falling, like the rest.
We’ve brought it on by our own hand,
This blight that’s come across our land.
We’re left in shock, we point the blame,
And miss the means through which it came.
We’ve heard “safe sex” proclaimed so long;
But contraception won’t right wrong.
So where does all this crime begin?
With good ole “number seven” sin.
As we examine God’s ten laws,
Adultery is the basic cause.
Results are found in woman’s womb,
To bring forth life or cause its doom.
But there’s no choice, for God has said:
“I make you live or make you dead”.
We wonder, when does life begin?
And blind ourselves to what’s within.
If this weren’t live, why does it grow?
Why get it out? I want to know.
But, men, if you “pick up that stone”
Remember this, and this alone:
From that decision you are free,
For pregnant you will never be.
So, I hope males who demonstrate
Will ask: “Did I participate?
Could I have ever caused this grief
And just walked out, with great relief?”
We follow blindly all we see
In movies, magazines, TV,
Till lives are left with dirty dregs,
And no way to unscramble eggs.
We’re daily dosed with dressed-up-lies,
That just confuse or tantalize:
“Sure, wear that bathing suit so sheer,
But don’t go near the water, dear.”
The world is teasing, tempting all;
To satisfy our lusts, we fall.
With standards gone, we’ve no defense,
So they exploit our decadence.
And,“ What’s that innocent act, I cry,
That will not hurt the other guy?”
With misused freedom, we can’t win,
We end up, sadly, slaves to sin.
Just as King David wrecked his life
By sleeping with Uriah’s wife,
He next planned death to cover fright,
But learned “two wrongs don’t make a right.”
‘Same sequence is in play today:
We cover sin this heinous way,
And seem to be so slow to know
“We always reap just what we sow.”
This fearful freedom plagues us still:
To keep His laws or our own will.
But we each find, ironically,
“I don’t break them, but they break me.”
Our God demands we change our course
And halt this murder at its source.
If “statute seven” we would heed,
Abortions we would seldom need.

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