by Paul Myrant

I want to tell you a Christmas Story – a short, yet long kind of story; a story from long ago. 
Now it’s not the story you’re thinking of, that happened so long ago.
No, this story took place a long, long, longgg time ago!

The twentieth century was full of great things:
We walked on the moon and watched from afar, we flew here and there and drove in a car.
We spoke through a wire and floated in space; but this story happened in a much different place.

There are great events in the ages of time; we were enlightened and reformed.
We painted and wrote of Crusades and Dark Ages and of the Romans’ great fall.
But the greatest event surpassed them all, a birth in a hidden cold manger.

Long before Daniel slept with the lions and Nebuchadnezzar ate grass. 
Before David was king and Samuel conceived, and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were small
Before men built a tower and Noah a great zoo, before Cain took from Able the life he was due.
Before Eve gave to Adam the fruit of the tree – This story began in the heart of these three

Before the creation of Adam and Eve, the great dinosaurs and fish in the sea
Before there was life growing up, growing green, the flowers and trees, and plants with their seeds.
Before the foundation of the earth had been laid, before the sun and the moon and the stars had been made
Before light had appeared and the darkness erased, and the backdrop of space had been stretched into place.

This happened before the first Cherub sang and believed in his heart he was more than the king.
Before the heavenly hosts sang their songs without strife, before all of these things there was light, joy and life.
Immeasurable wisdom and abiding deep love, there was perfect contentment and peace up above.
Here lived a being so great and glorious, His power and might and story before us
Majestic beauty that had never been seen, love and great wisdom a glorious scene

This one knew nothing of being alone; no emptiness haunted this blissful throne.
Two others stood with Him alike in their ways, one in their nature, sharing their days.
They lived together clothed in pure light, perfect in splendor, Oh what a sight

Ageless and formless, no beginning, no end, from eternity past and beyond,
They know all things and have such great power, yet, still they lacked one thing in this tower.
There was no one to praise them, no one to know, no one forgiveness and love to show.
Who could understand the strength and the might, of the one who made the stars for the night?
Who made the sun to light the day and mortal men just out of the clay?

So they devised a plan to let someone know, about the glory they could show. 
It really (WAS) is a perfect plan, complete in every way.
To be truly known, and loved and praised, someone would need to see,
Not from compulsion fear or dread, the beauty of the things They’d said.
So was given the right to choose; but with this came evil and life to lose.

In the choices that followed, there was grief and despair, many have said, this isn’t fair.
These choices led to the loss, of the best of all They’d done,
But still They loved the ones They called, Adam and his sons.

It would not be easy to redeem, the fallen sons of God. 
For many would choose to turn away, thinking they had won.
Yet, for the sake of those They chose, They decided to send the Son.

It was long before that fatal day they knew They had to hang,
Upon a tree, without dignity, the one They called “the Son”.
So He set aside His robes of glory, His light and perfect joy. 
He chose instead a manger stall, to be birthed into this story.

They chose a maiden pure and true, and she became the one,
That gave him birth, the glorious one, and showed him to the earth.
On that night so long ago, the angels sang for joy.
They told the shepherds of the birth, of this one who came from glory.

You would think that those He came to see, would welcome Him with glee;
Instead we laid His body on, two pieces of a tree
As we nailed His hands, and His feet, into pieces of His tree
He looked into the faces of the ones, He had brought to be.

Still we left Him there to bleed and die, just hanging in the sky. 
and He took upon His broken form, the sins of all mankind.
He gave His life and paid the price in the fullness of His time.

© Paul Myrant 1986. Used with permission.

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